MMM 1.0.1

MMM 1.0.1 is out. This was intended to be mainly a bugfix release however a few new features have found their way in. See here


  • Premonitions Sample Mission
  • Child Mod support
  • EntityHook class
  • Cineractive skippable property (defaults to true)
  • Forced parameter added to App:cineractiveFinish
  • GameObject.specialEnergy property
  • GameObject.maxSpecialEnergy property
  • GameObject.specialEnergyValue property
  • TextInput.hooks property
  • TextInput:unhook functions
  • Added Media:stopSounds function


  • Cineractive skip changed to space bar
  • Entity updated to use EntityHook
  • Voiceovers no longer play when giving orders
  • Media class changed to have a global instance
  • Camera class changed to have a global instance
  • TextInput:hook function now takes an id
  • GameObject.hitpoints property changed to GameObject.hullValue
  • GameObject.maxHitpoints property changed to GameObject.maxHull
  • property changed to GameObject.hull


  • Fixed an issue with EntityFinder condition objects
  • Fixed paths having incorrect indices
  • Fixed Monitor not being passed to hook functions
  • Fixed an issue with unhook on Timer, Entity and TextInput
  • Fixed Cineractive calls crashing when not in cineractive mode